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City of Chicago / Ruth Cruz 30th Ward


At the 30th Ward, our mission is to create a progressive and inclusive community that prioritizes public safety, education, and participatory budgeting. Led by Alderwoman Ruth Cruz, we are committed to transparency, grassroots community support, and utilizing the perspective of a dedicated mother.

Our mission is to foster a safe and thriving environment where every resident can live, work, and raise their family without fear. We strive to implement innovative policies that address the root causes of crime and promote treatment not trauma.

Education is at the heart of our mission. We aim to provide equitable access to quality education, empowering our youth with the tools they need to succeed. Through transparent decision-making and involving the community in budgeting processes, we ensure that education receives the necessary resources.

Participatory budgeting is central to our mission, giving residents a direct voice in allocating public funds to projects that enhance our neighborhood. We believe in empowering our community to actively engage in decision-making, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

With Alderwoman Ruth Cruz's leadership, we embrace a grassroots approach that puts the needs of our diverse community at the forefront. We are dedicated to open communication, collaboration, and building bridges between residents and local government.

Together, we are shaping a future where progress, safety, education, and participatory democracy thrive in the 30th Ward.

Alderwoman Ruth Cruz

Ruth Cruz, an immigrant from Mexico, brings a shared experience of millions to her role as an alderwoman. A proud graduate of Chicago Public Schools, Ruth holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Management from Roosevelt University.

With over 16 years of experience in higher education, Ruth's dedication to empowering students has driven her career. She has been recognized for developing strategic partnerships and implementing forward-thinking solutions. Beyond education, Ruth is passionate about guiding her community, addressing needs such as affordable housing, inclusive youth programs, quality job opportunities, and mental health support.

As an elected community representative and a graduate of the Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation Leadership Academy, Ruth understands the importance of continuous personal and professional growth. She volunteers at the Avondale Restorative Justice Community Court, working alongside others impacted by trauma and crime.

Ruth's family and their dog, bring her joy and serves as a testament to her integrity, determination, vision, hard work, and unwavering passion for serving her community.

Ruth Cruz 30th Ward


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